We've made it easy to organize and pay for your events. You can create multiple organizations, have separate billing and credits in each organization. You only need to buy credit for the expected number of attendees and all the features will be included automatically. By buying more attendees you get a more discounted price per attendee.

We charge you based on the number of attendees registered at your event. You can buy attendee credit upfront at $5 / attendee for small events and $3.5 / attendee for large events.

How to add or buy Credit?

  • Select the number of attendees you want to add.

  • For every 100 attendees, you get one free circle. You can add more circles from Additional circles if you want to add more.

  • Review your purchase summary and continue to payment.

  • Once the payment is successful, the credit will automatically be added to your account.

Now your organization is ready, start creating an event and inviting team members to your organization

How to download your invoice?

  • In your organization dashboard, click on the "Billing" tab.

  • You can find download your invoices from here.

  • You can also update your billing address and add or update your saved credit cards for future purchases.

Note: If you require the billing address to be included in the invoice, make sure to add it in the Billing section before you make the purchase.

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