This article explains how to add or edit your event content.
If you haven't created your event yet, check out this article to add your event first.

Ps. Content is synced automatically and it appears in the virtual event and the app instantly.

To start adding content:

  • Log in or Sign up to your eventtus organization

  • Go to "My Events" from your organization

  • Choose the event you want to edit and from Actions Click "Edit"


1. Add Speakers

  • Go to the Speakers tab and click Add Speaker

  • Fill in the speaker's details: Name, title, company, bio, and social media links. The more you add content here, the better the speaker profile looks and it drives more engagement for the event.

  • Check out the next section to link speakers to the sessions they will speak at.

  • To invite speakers to Eventtus backstage, add the speaker's email and click the checkbox below to send the speaker's invitation and grant the speaker access to your virtual event

  • Click "Save" to save the speaker details and add another speaker.

✔️If you want to bulk upload all the speaker's data at once, click on "Import" button in the speakers tab and download the excel sheet template, fill in the speakers details and upload the sheet again.

2. Add Schedule or Agenda sessions

  • From the left menu, Go to "Agenda"

  • Start by adding the days of your event first, click on Add Day, select the date and click add. Repeat this step if you have multiple days event.

  • Then select a day to add the schedule of this day and click "Add session"

  • Add session name, description, type, and start and end time.

  • Then add the speakers who will be speaking at this session.

  • Bonus point: Upload a sponsor banner to highlight this session is sponsored by a company or use it to add more branding to your event. The banner will appear to the attendees while watching the session to give your sponsor more exposure.

  • Click Save to save the session and add another one.

✔️ If your event agenda is complex, use the sessions Tracks and Tags to group sessions in the same stage or topic. You can give each Track a color code and attendees can filter the agenda using these tracks (and tags) to easily find the sessions they are interested in.

3. Add your event Sponsors and Partners

  • Go to Sponsors from the Menu

  • Click on 'Add Sponsor'

  • Fill in the sponsor name, logo, social networking links, and sponsorship level Note: Customize the Sponsor/partnership level name, color, and order to differentiate based on their levels and importance

  • For bulk uploads click import >> download the template >> fill it and upload it to the platform in CSV format

To rearrange sponsors order in the event

  • Drag and drop the sponsor you want to change its order inside the same sponsorship level

  • or drag and drop the sponsorship levels on the right to change the whole level sponsors order

4. Add your event exhibitors/ virtual booths

  • Go to Exhibitors from the Menu

  • Click on 'Add Exhibitor'

  • Fill in the exhibitor name, and move down to invite the booth admin to build their own booth

  • For bulk uploads click Import >> download the template >> fill it and upload it to the platform in CSV format

5. To Create event circles

💡 Now your event is ready and you can preview the content you added and edit it anytime even during the event

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