In Virtual events, event organizers need to create a ticket even if the event is for free, as later on attendees will be asked to enter their ticket code to join the event live stream.

To Create Ticket:

  • Log in to your eventtus organization

  • Go to My Events section

  • Edit your event

  • Go to the Tickets tab and "Add ticket"

  • Add your ticket name, price, start and end date, and ticket quantity.
    Note: Ticket quantity should match and doesn't exceed the available attendee's credit purchased

  • Click “Save” to add the ticket to your event.

✨ Pro tip: To incentivize a purchase and increase your ticket sales, you can create promo codes and access codes.

Registration Form:

To collect more information from your attendees, start creating customized registration forms from Registration Questions tab.

To add a registration form:

  • From the "Registration Questions” tab on the tickets page, click "Add Question"

  • Add the question, Select the answer type either: Text, Paragraph, Checkbox, Radio Button, or a Dropdown list and if it is required

  • Make sure to link the question to the relevant ticket and Save

Can registration questions be rearranged?

Yes, event organizers can change the order the registration questions appear in the ticket.

To change the order of the questions:

  • Go to Ticket tab >> Select the ticket >> click Edit

  • Move down to the Registration questions section >> Selected Questions >> drag and drop the questions to rearrange

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