Here's a guide to managing your event registration and ticket orders.

To view and manage your event orders:

Log in to your eventtus Organization

∙ Select the event you want to manage from My Events

∙ You can view the list of all the orders for your event and track tickets sales

Note: There are multiple types of orders:

  • Requested: orders are orders that were created and pending payment or completion from the attendee side.

  • Paid: orders are orders that were completed even if it for free

  • Pending Approval: Orders created by attendee and waiting for organizer to approve it so attendees can complete the registration/payment process. This option is usually used by organizers to filter the registrants before registering for the event

  • Pending Payment: The order is pending attendee payment. Usually for Offline payment option

Edit your event and go to the Tickets tab

💡 You can also export the orders and have the list sent to your email by clicking on Export

  • Click on View Details to review the order details and the answers filled during the registration.

  • You can filter orders by:

  1. Order status ( Completed, Expired, Rejected, etc )

  2. Ticket Type ( If you add multiple ticket types )

  • Or you can click on "Advanced Filter" for more specific search options.

Approve Pending or Cancel Orders

If you choose a ticket or more to "Require Approval", You can approve or cancel orders by following these steps:

  • Filter the orders by Order Status and select "Pending Approval" to find all pending orders.

  • Click "View Details" on the order you want.

  • Click "Approve" or "Cancel" to change the order status.

Resend Order confirmation

  • You can also resend the confirmation email to the ticket holder by clicking "Re-send Confirmation Email"

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