Promotional codes are a great way to incentivize a purchase and increase your ticket sales.

There're two types of promotional codes:

  • Discount Codes

This code is used to offer discounts.

  • Access Codes

This code is created to give access to hidden tickets. For example, you have a hidden ticket for the press and media. And you want this ticket type to be visible only to the people you invite. You'll use an "Access Code".

Note: You have to create a hidden ticket first to be able to use the access code.

To create a promotional code:

  • Log in to your eventtus organization

  • Go to My events

  • Edit your event

  • Go to Tickets tab >> Promo codes section

  • Choose the code type either "Discount code" or "Access code", and click Add code

  • Add code details name, start date, end date, discount value (in discount codes ), and the number of uses.

  • Link the code to the relevant ticket and Save

Now your code is created and ready to be shared with attendees.

To create a bulk of promo codes

  • Click on "Import Bulk Codes"

  • Download the template and fill it with the promo code details and upload it

  • Once the promo codes are created you will be able to view and edit them.

Note: you can share the promo code link to attendees so they can register using the code applied automatically.

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