The event host & owner are the only ones who can start or stop broadcasting

To start session Broadcasting:

  • Access the Virtual event page

  • Go to Backstage on the Left Menu

  • Select the session you want to start and click Join Session

Note: By joining the session you will join a video call with the other speakers so they can get prepared to test their mic, camera, and sharing screens. This is a private mode - No one can see you yet! .

  • Once speakers are ready click Start Broadcast and the session will be broadcasting live to all attendees. Start Broadcast button will be enabled at the scheduled session start time.

Note: By Starting Broadcasting, attendees will be able to see and hear everything happening backstage

  • Once the session is live host can leave the session without affecting the live streaming

To End Broadcasting:

Once speakers are about to end their speech, the event host can

  • Join the session again

  • Click on End Session and broadcasting will be stopped.

Note: Live broadcasting ends automatically 30 mins after the session end time. If your agenda is pushed for any reason, please update the timing in the dashboard.

  • Broadcasting is started and stopped per session. You will need to start live broadcasting for each session

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