What currencies does eventtus support for event tickets/Registration?

We support 4 currencies so far and we are working on adding more currencies soon. Supported currencies are:




Note: Organizers can choose only one currency per event

What are the available payment methods for selling tickets?

We provide Two payment methods for selling tickets:

  1. Online payment using credit cards. All debit and credit cards are supported.

  2. Offline payment via Fawry pay (available for EGP Only)

How and when do I receive payment for my event tickets?

For paid event registrations, Eventtus collects the payment on the organizer's behalf from attendees and transfers the ticket sales within 5 business days after the event ends.

How much does it cost to sell tickets on eventtus?

If your event is free, registration is always free.
We charge 3.5% + $0.99 / ticket for paid registrations (doesn’t include 3% payment gateway fees). It will be a total of 6.5% + $0.99 / ticket

How to claim my event ticket's sales?

For ticket payout, please email us your event name and ID at [email protected] and our tickets finance team will send you a detailed statement with the breakdown of the ticket and you will be asked to add your bank account details and send it back to us.

Payment will be processed via bank transfer and sent to your account within 5 business days.

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