This article is a tutorial on how speaker can use the backstage to participate in sessions.

Accept Invitation

  • You will receive an email inviting you to access the virtual event platform:
    Accept the invitation from your email to access the backstage

  • Access Backstage and get familiar with Eventtus virtual platform before the event.

Build Your Profile

  • We highly recommend that you complete your profile, help attendees to know more about you and get them excited for your talk!

  • Upload Profile Picture.

  • Add your Role, Company and more ..

  • Add your Social Media Accounts, to get connected with other speakers and attendees at the event.

Virtual Event Lounge

  • The virtual event homepage is where you can see the event organizer's welcome note, speakers list, main event feed and navigate to the different sections of the event.

  • Check Attendees list and event feed to know whose attending and the main topics they are discussing at the event.

  • The Menu list on the left is your control panel to access the navigate the event. Go to agenda, watch sessions and more.

Backstage: Join Your Session

  • Click on “Backstage” from the menu to access your sessions and get ready to go live.

  • Select the correct session, and click “Join Session”.

  • Speakers can join session 15 mins prior to session start time

  • Important Tip: Mute your notifications and mobile to avoid disturbance during the live session.

  • You will join a video call with the other speakers and moderator but you are still not live for attendees.

  • Test your mic, camera and make sure you have good lighting and tidy background before starting the session. This is a private mode - No one can see you yet!

  • Once you are all set and ready, session Moderator will Start session live streaming

  • Event host & owner are the only ones who can start or stop broadcasting

On Air

  • You can share your screen with your attendees and track the time left for you session

  • Check attendees comments on your session through Session Chat

  • Interact with your attendees and answer their questions from Q&A section

Live Q&A

To start selecting questions that will be answered click on “Open Q&A Facilitator"

Star the question you are answering now to have it highlighted for the attendees

Once you answer the question make sure to select the next question to have it highlighted to the attendees

Important Tip: Keep an eye on the feed and questions section. It’s good to interact with attendees and address their questions.

Off Air

Ask session moderator to "End Broadcast" to go off Air.

Once broadcasting has ended, you will see On Air Changes to Off Air

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