Virtual events are not like in-person events but it offers great flexibility to me meet other attendees and socialize.

When you join the virtual event you will have an opportunity to connect with all the event participants. Here're some networking options to utilize your time at the event.

Networking options:

1. One on One messaging

  • Access the event

  • You can browse the attendee's list by clicking on the "Network" tab on the main page.

  • You can search by name, title, or company to find attendees relevant to you. Click on the attendee profile to know more about them and connect with them on other social networking channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Website.

  • Click on "Send Message" or go to Network section and click on the attendee name and send them a private message.

  • You can also schedule private or group meetings with other attendees.

2. Meeting Requests and Peer-to-Peer Video Chat

Create meetings and invite other attendees to video calls. It's the easiest way to have real connections during virtual events.

Click on "My Meetings" on the top right side, and create a meeting, add meeting details then invite the other guests you want to connect with. You can invite up to 5 attendees per meeting.

Here's a step by step guide on how to create meetings and invite attendees


3. Virtual Circles

A virtual Circle is a great tool for socializing and meeting with other attendees and speakers at the event. It's a video group chatting with event attendees around a specific topic, where you can learn more about the topic or attendees. Here's a guide on how to join a Circle.

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