Virtual circles are like virtual round tables or rooms. Event organizers create circles to help connect event participants in live video chat to discuss certain topics, or just network and meet each other.

We have two types of Virtual Circles:

  • Public Circles: first come, first serve. It's open for all event attendees and the organizers set the limit of participants per circle.

  • Private Circles: used for private meetings or pre-scheduled meetings set up by the event admins where they choose certain attendees to participate in the circle.

How to Join a Public Circle?

To participate in a public circle:

  • Access the event

  • Go to Circles from the left menu

  • You can see the list of scheduled circles

  • Once a circle is live you can Click Join and allow the mic and camera to start chatting with circles participants and they can also share screen.


If the circle reached the maximum capacity of participants set by the event organizer, you will be able to join as a listener (a maximum of 150 listeners per circle). If a participant leaves the circle and a slot becomes available, you can join the circle and participate using audio and video.

How to Join a Private Circle?

Only invited participants can see and access the circles. If you are invited to a private circle, you will receive an email invitation and a notification once the circle is live.

To join the circle click on the "Join Circle" button in the email.


Or through the virtual event page:

  • Go to Circles from the left menu

  • Click Join on the circle and allow the mic and camera to start chatting with circles participants


Now you are ready to meet with the amazing people around!

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