Attendees need to register for the event in order to get access to the virtual event, even if the event is for free.

To register for the event:

  • Open the ticketing page sent to you by the organizer.

  • Select ticket quantity for the ticket type you want to register for

Note: If you have a promotional code offered from the organizer, you will need to use it at this step. A promotional code can be used to get discounts on tickets, or access hidden tickets.

  • Fill in your registration information and "submit"

  • log in if you have an account on eventtus or signup while registering so you don't need to sign up on the event day.

  • Continue to payment if the ticket is not free, select the payment method you prefer, and " Confirm"


Note: Payment methods differ from an event to another based on the organizer's preference.

  • Once you finalize your registration, you will get an email with your ticket id. Keep this email handy as you will need the ticket id to access the event.

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