As an exhibitor, networking with event attendees and your booth visitors can help in creating new business opportunities, attracting leads, or gaining customer trust by answering their inquiries.

If you are exhibiting at a virtual event, here's a step-by-step guide to help you engage with visitors and maximize your ROI at the event.

Networking Options

1. Booth Circles

A virtual Circle is a great tool for socializing and meeting with other attendees at the event. It's a video group chatting with event attendees about a specific topic. Booth members can create public circles to engage with visitors, answer visitors' questions, demo their products, and engage with potential leads.

How to create a booth circle?

  • Access the event

  • Go to Circles section on the left Menu

  • Go to the Booths Circles tab and click on "Create Circle"
    Ps. This is only available for exhibitor team members who are managing a virtual booth.

  • Add Circle title, time, duration (30mins or 60 mins), and set the maximum number of participants who can join the circle. Use a catchy name and cover photo to attract more visitors.

    Note: Maximum number of participants per circle is 20 participants who can join using video and audio, above 20 they will only be viewers with a maximum of 150 viewers per circle. When one of the participants leaves, a slot becomes available and viewers can join and participate in the circle.

  • Assign circle moderator to manage circle participants and have control over the circle

  • Click create and now your circle is available for attendees to join at its scheduled time


2. Booth Chat & Messages

  • While customizing your virtual booth, you can add team members to be publicly listed on the booth, this helps your visitors to engage with your team and contact them directly.

  • Team members will receive messages from attendees and booth visitors. You will receive a notification of new messages.

    Note. Messages appear in the Network tab where you can reply back to inquiries and chat with visitors.


Note: Booth Members can claim their event tickets to access the event and network with event attendees too.

To Network with event attendees:

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