Live Polls are another way to engage attendees during sessions. It's a simple and fun way to get instant feedback from attendees or vote on specific topics.

Who can create polls?

Only speakers and event organizers can create polls.

Organizers include owners, admins, team members and hosts.

How to create polls?

  • Open the event backstage

  • Select the session you want to create the poll for

  • From the Menu in the right >> Go to Polls tab and click Create Poll

  • Add poll name, answers, and poll end time.

  • Setup the Poll Settings:

- ⏰ Poll "start date" control when a poll will be available for attendees to vote on, before that time attendees won’t see the poll.
- ⏰ Poll "end date" control when voting will end. After that time no one can vote on the poll.
- ⏰ You can preschedule polls from "choose specific start date" and it will be posted automatically at the scheduled date & time

  • Save the poll and it will be available for attendees to vote on based on your settings.


⚡️ Polls updates in realtime, whenever a poll is added, removed, updated, or poll votes changes, everyone will see the latest updates live.

⚡️ Attendees need to vote on the polls first to see the results.

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