Session Live Questions

Session Q&A is a great way to keep a session engaging and interactive. You should encourage attendees to post their questions in the questions tab and make sure to keep an eye on them during the session.

Speakers can choose what questions to answer and highlight the question while it is being answered. We have a Q&A Facilitator Page to help organizers and speakers manage live Q&A during sessions.

What is Q&A Facilitator?

Q&A Facilitator page is a tool to highlight a question while it's being answered, delete questions or mark a question as answered.

Who can access the Q&A Facilitator page?

Speakers and organizers can access the Q&A Facilitator page.
Organizers include owners, admins, team members, and event hosts.

Q&A Facilitator, how does it work?

  • Choose the session from backstage

  • From the right section go to Questions tab >> Open Q&A Facilitator

  • The Facilitator page will open in a new tab, you will be able to view all questions added by the session audience. Popular questions with the highest votes will be pushed to the top of the list.

  • To choose a question to be answered click on the star ⭐️ icon, to highlight the question as Answering now.

  • To move to another question click on the same star ⭐️ icon, the new question will be flagged as answering now and the previous question will be automatically moved to Answered Questions section

Note: All posted questions are public and seen to the attendees whether they were chosen to be answered or not.

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