There are multiple engagement options during sessions and at the event to boost attendees' engagements and interactions. Here's we list all the options and you can deep dive into the details of each feature in its specific article.

Engagement tools during sessions:

  • Session Chat: where attendees can chat, add comments and reactions

  • Session Live Q&A: Q&A is a great way to keep a session engaging and interactive. Attendees can post their questions and speakers choose questions to answer and highlight the question while it is being answered.

  • Interactive live Polls: Another way to engage attendees during sessions by which session speakers can get instant feedback from attendees or let them vote on specific topics.

Other engagement & networking options during the event:

  • Event feed is a public chat for all event participants where they can share their thought and great each other after they access the event

  • Attendees messaging: event participants can network together, find relevant people to meet, and send them private messages right away.

  • Attendee video meetings: attendee meetings are great to create strong in-person connections. Participants can invite up to 5 other participants into a 10 mins speed networking meeting.

  • Virtual Circles: The most used networking tool for virtual events. You can create multiple interactive public circles to connect participants in live video chat to discuss certain topics, or just network and meet each other

  • Booth Circles: Participants can network with exhibitors through their booth, chat with the exhibitor's team or attend circles created by booth admins.

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